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Zirka Circus

  • Date: Thursday 11 July - Sunday 14 July
  • Time:
  • Location: Tongariro North Domain

Cirque Grande is a brand-new circus sensation!

Our global award-winning bicycle act is the most amazing bicycle display you’ll ever see! The GRANDE finale will leave everyone on the edge of their seat’s, gasping at 5 motorbike stunt riders perform in the WORLD’S BIGGEST TOURING GLOBE OF DEATH. Some of the other unique acts include hoop diving, human pyramids, the teeterboard and much, much more.

You will leave amazed and dazzled by the skill, beauty and strength of our incredible performers!

Ticketing information can be found at https://www.cirquegrande.com/

Scheduled shows: 

Thursday 11 July: 7pm

Friday 12 July: 12pm & 3pm

Saturday 13 July: 2pm & 7pm

Sunday 14 July: 1pm & 4:30pm