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Life’s A Bitch presented by Harcourts Taupo

  • Date: Wednesday 14 July
  • Time: 7.30pm - 8.30pm (no intermission)
  • Location: Great Lake Centre Theatre
  • Price: $38


The Bitches’ Box latest offering is “Life’s A Bitch”, a hilarious comedy told through the eyes of two Swiss ex-circus dogs who’ve emigrated to Neuseeland to become ‘WOOFers’.

Fresh out of quarantine and off on their big adventure, the campervan Heidi and Helga are traveling in loses a wheel, miles from anywhere. Whilst they seek the services of the local garage (with adjacent mechanic), they are introduced to an array of funny dogs, who are also passing through.

The characters of “Life’s A Bitch” show our International visitors a side of New Zealand culture you didn’t even know existed.

Barb, the garage owners dog and a prolific breeder, introduces our visitors to how we structure relationships. Trixie, a wilful young duck dog in training challenges Heidi’s European strict sense of discipline. Stocky, the stock truck dog, displays sniffing skills the likes of which the ex-circus dogs have never seen before. And Tiffany, a bejeweled King Poodle minces around and presents a trick or two of her own.

Finally, it’s Wayne and Pip, two farm dogs stuck in a dog crate on the back of a farmers ute, who deliver some honest facts about NZ life and it really blows the Swiss dogs’ minds.

“Life’s A Bitch” is another 50-minute rollicking romp from The Bitches’ Box, featuring Emma and Amelia’s eccentric style and trademark dynamic that has seen them filling houses (and woolsheds) since 2012.